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This shows how full the rivers are in VT & NH from...

Country festival, Danville, VT

Homemade soup and roll from the old ladies at a local church...

Blue skies, fall colors and a country festival - what more could...

Hot chicken pie - I'm going to have to figure out how...

Finally, we woke to sunshine today. Before heading out to New Hampshire we took in a little country fesvial in the small community of Danville, Vt. We saw them setting up for it as we headed to our campground last night. It was obviously the event of the fall for this area and everyone in town (plus some) showed up! It was the best festival we have ever been to - it may not have the high end art, but more than made up for that in the small town charm, friendliness and food you can't even imagine!

We met the nicest basket maker and her husband - he especially talked our ear off and we loved every minute of it. We had to bring one of her crafts home with us to forever remember this day. We got to taste handmade jams and relishes. One of the local churches had a booth selling homemade soup and biscuits - we shared a cup of ham potato and cheese soup which was incredible in its own right, but when paired with the most awesome roll in the world we, and especially Ross, were in heaven. (Ross has a special place in his heart for a good baked good and told me that he would marry the lady who made them even if she is 80 years old and he had to commit poligamy to have those rolls made in our home on a daily basis) Ha - I laughed, heck I'd marry her to have those rolls!

After wandering around the festival, we ended with a stop at the booth making hot chicken pie. Ross had seen signs for chicken pie at various places and was hankering to try some. It was like the insides of potpie served over a biscuit and if you've ever had homemade potpie you'll know just how incredibly yummy this was.

The sun was out, fall colors everywhere, friendly people everywhere - what a day! We didn't want to leave, but alas New Hampshire and ultimately Acadia is calling our names so off we go.

As we traveled onward, we decided to pull out one of the treats we picked up at the festival - a whoopie pie. This one happened to be pumpkin with a cream cheese filling. It's a good thing we didn't try it while we were there - we would have bought the whole lot of them. If you haven't ever had a whoopie pie - there are two pieces of round cake pieces with a filing/frosting between them. A traditional dessert in the NE.

We were quickly in New Hampshire (it's amazing how close everything is to each other once you get here) and into the White Mountains. We expected to just drive through, but amazingly even though the locations are relatively close together, the terrain was quite different from Vermont. New Hampshire actually has some mountains. The fall colors through out the valleys and along the mountainside were quite wonderful. We traveled through passes (which they call "notches" here in NH) and along rivers and creeks marveling at the abundance of colors. Again there isn't quite the vibrant reds as we hoped for, though Ross did find a few samples to photgraph, but the volume of color amazes us.

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