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Spikes to keep pigeons off sills and statues


St Marks Cathedrial

Doge Palace

Court yard






Bon Giorno

We got up and left the hotel shortly after 8:30 a.m. grabbed a couple of croissants and headed to the train station to catch the 10:00 train to Venice. The train was only 12.00 Euros for both Dave and I round trip, couldn’t go wrong there. The train took about a half hour to get there after a few stops along the way. It was a little crowded but not too bad.

We walked around the city looking at the sites and it seemed like everyone wanted money, the churches wanted to charge you to go inside so we thought we’d pay only to see the St. Marks Cathedral, well that was a bust because they wouldn’t let you go in if you had a bag of any sort so our backpack was out and so were we. We went to the Doge Palace instead. It was very impressive and very large; we enjoyed the dungeons the best.

Had pizza and a gelato for lunch both were good, and then we walked around a while longer. When your off the main streets of the grand canal they are very narrow, hardly two people wide, the rest is about 5 or 6 feet wide. Lots of people and shops everywhere. There were even Gucci, Prada and other well to do shops for those staying at those well to do hotels. They had the most beautiful masks for sale at all prices, they have a masked Carnival fairly often and the main one around Easter, they were amazing, I would have liked to take one home but there is no way it would make it in one piece. Dave didn’t take any pictures with the little camera so I can’t show you right now. (I can only download a certain size pictures so we use the little one for that.)

We checked out the boat rides, gondolas would be about 70 Euro’s for 35 minutes and 60 for a tour boat. We opted for the water bus at 12 which took us all the way down the Grand Canal and back to the train station.

We caught the train and headed back. It was raining when we got to the main land and were fairly wet by time we go to the hotel.

We dried off and went down to the restaurant for supper. We had our supper outside as it was over 20C and a little humid, we were the only ones out there. We had spaghetti Carbonara and Bolognese, both very good. The waiter wanted to know what else we wanted after our first course and if we also wanted a side dish. We told him we’d see how the first one went, well it went down and we were stuffed, I would have exploded if I ate anymore!

We went for a walk and checked out the St. San Antonio church again seeing it wasn’t Sunday there shouldn’t be a million people in there and we could have a better look around. We continued our walk and almost came back to the hotel but I needed another block to digest. Needless to say streets here aren’t square blocks and we got lost and had to ask some Russian tourists that had a map where we were and how to get back.

So we’re on the road again tomorrow morning, heading for Zurich and will probably stay in some little town further to the east.

Still haven’t found an Italian cemetery to check out but it’s on my list for tomorrow!

So that’s it for now, hope to make an entry tomorrow night but who knows.


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