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Miss Liberty - 3rd from Right

This dredge is 1/4 mile long

Sunrise at Ocean Isle

Out with the old, in with the new. Last night was ribbon...

We leave Surf City on 10/1 after surviving the high winds over night. By morning, the rains stopped, winds died down to a managable 15 kts, and lessened as the day went on. By 1300 hours, the sun pokede out, and the flybridge warmed up nicely, since it was chilly to start. We had a long day of 9 hours and had planned on making Wilmington area so we could see the Harris' again, but for some reason we had the currents with us and we made Wilmington by noon, so we decided that we could make home port of Harbourgate a day earlier that expected. The Harris understood, thankfully. We get to see them and talk to them regularly, so we will hopefully see them again soon. We see dolphins all day long, so that makes Sue believe it is an omen that things are great. As we pass through Southport area, we are still making great time, so we continue on instead of trying a new anchorage. Then we hear on radio that the darned old pontoon bridge is broken again - just days before it is to close. As the hours while away, it is still broken and does not look like it will be repaired un early evening. So, we decide to check out the old Pelican Point Marina at Ocean Isle, now named Ocean Isle Marina. Ithas space for about 3 transients, but they have done a great job of fixing it up, and dredged to 6', sowe can tie up there. A little pricy for our liking, but it is a nice stop. About 5:00, the pontoon bridge is open, but we had just tied up, were tired, so enjoyed the evening, with Sue making a fantastic last night supper. We meet a couple from Texas on a neat Cat, and learn they are rookies at long range boating, and it sure did remind us of how were were at one time.

As we pass through Wilmingotn, we look over into a marina and see our old boat, Miss Liberty, tied up. We hear them talking on the radio also, hailing the marina for docking. We get a picture and learn she is back up for sale for only $5K less than we paid for. She has been maintained extremely well. It brought back such fond memories. We had put 10,000 ,iles on her, and was on her for 15 months doing the Greaet Loop.

We only had 1.5 hrs to go to get home, so left a little later in the morning. We went through the pontoon bridge for the last time, ever, and had a cool, breezy day to home. As we rounded the familiar Little River Inlet, we started reminicsing about our short trip. We, just like last Spring, were not ready to go home, but must. We put 530 miles on Just Relax this month, and were gone from Charlotte for 33 days. Jr ran nearly perfectly, as usual. We think often of the folks who sold us JR, as they sure did sell us a nice boat, and they were great.

We spend Friday, Saturday, and this morning cleaning and doing maintenance on JR, and begin readying her for Winter. But, we aer not crazy. We spend time playing cards and hanging out with the Thompsons. John and Gene go to a coin show, with John buying some. Gene wins an old Silver Dollar in a drawing and Sue makes us all a great supper on JR for out last night. It sure is great getting to see the Thompsons. They do us many favors, this trip, storing our golf clubs and other things while we were gone. We did have an attempted break in on our car while gone. The driver side door has many dents in it where they tried to pry it open. Stay tuned for our next venture. We ahve not decided what/where, but are considering the Bahama's/Keys for this Winter, or delaying until Spring and going North.

We finish up our Suduko book for the trip with a rare win for John (84-78)

Post Note: as we are leaving town, we get a call from the Thompsons and a boat, larger than ours, sank at the marina next to ours. We went by to see it, and wow, what a shame. We later learn that the owners never used the boat other than to stay on it and they live in Atlanta. The engines are even gone. So, it is a condo. the salvage crew stated that their bill will be at least $15K to right the boat. From there, the costs continue. Owner apparently does not have insurance.

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