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We slept really well last night and awoke early, to greet the cool, gray, overcast sky.

We sipped our morning coffee together and then Marilyn got busy with her chores.

We planned to get things done early so that we could drive to the hospital to have lunch with Jennifer. Jennifer called however, and informed us that she stayed home today, feeling ill with a migraine headache. Bummer!

I had to drive into town to pick up some clothing from the dry cleaners. Marilyn rode with me and we then drove to Penny’s to pick up some needed pieces of clothing.

Back at the RV, I fixed some lunch while Marilyn finished up with laundry, etc.

We were both distracted somewhat by the Ryder Cup golf match being played in Wales. What a pretty country that is!

The sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds in the afternoon today. It never did get up to 70 degrees and the brisk breeze blowing for most of the day made it feel cooler than the low to mid 60’s.

Surprisingly, the campground is pretty well filled this weekend. Everyone is wearing a jacket as they walk around though.

That makes me feel ready to get south to the RGV for the winter.

We had a call from Jesse & Ginger last night and were happy to hear that they will be visiting us around the 20th of October. It will be good to see these good friends again.

Next summer we will be together with them, as well as Tony & Jackie and Ken & Jean. It will be a fun summer in Colorado!

Well dear readers, I find my mind wandering and this journal entry will make no sense at all if I continue writing while my mind wanders all over the place. So I’ll just wrap it up for the day.

Perhaps I will be a bit more focused tomorrow.

Remember…………….Life is Good!

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