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I think we have all heard it said that “You can never go home again”. Things change while you are gone and so it is never the same when you return.

However, it is nice to return to our “Home Town” once in a while. I think it keeps us centered and reminds us of who we are and where we came from.

I have returned to a “Home Town” in the past, during the dreary, cold of winter.

Not the picture postcard view of winter, with snow covered streets, bright lights and people wrapped up in warm clothing, smiling and shouting warm greetings to one another.

No, I mean the bitter cold winter with no snow at all and only the drab, brown of dead foliage, and a freezing wind blowing the few dead leaves across the road. With no one you recognize in sight on the nearly deserted streets, it gives you a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach.

It is sort of a sad feeling and it seems that things are not as good as when you lived there. It is as if you are a stranger in your own home town. Maybe you are.

That uneasy feeling gives one a desire to get back to what is by now more familiar surroundings.

I have also returned to my home town in the summer, when things felt familiar and brought back warm memories of smiles and the laughter of friends.

Well, today I returned once again to what we consider our “Home Town” of Monroe City, MO.

It was lunch time when I arrived downtown, so I stopped in at a familiar restaurant to have a bit of lunch.

Ham & Beans with cornbread and two sides for $5.99. I felt right at home! I saw familiar faces and was welcomed with smiles as people greeted me by name.

I was invited to sit at the table where all the locals normally gather, and asked how we are doing, are we still loving the RV life, etc.

Soon, a couple I had worked with, some 10 years ago, came in and sat down to join us. The conversation was constant and peppered with questions and news of other folks I know.

These good folks, Greg & Carrie, even paid for my lunch. Thank you for the kindness, dear friends.

What a nice feeling, to be greeted that way and treated so nicely.

I wish everyone could feel so good about returning to their home town after a long absence.

I took care of a few more chores, working with other friends at the home town bank. While standing in the bank talking to one old friend, I was grabbed from behind. When I turned around I recognized the beautiful face of Cathy Jo, and was given a big hug by this sweet young lady.

I consider Cathy Jo to be one of our “other kids”, as she was around our house frequently while she was growing up. She and Jennifer were classmates and best of friends.

She is the Godmother for our grandson, and Jennifer is the Godmother for Cathy Jo’s two children.

What a pleasure it was to see her again.

By the time I drove away, I felt really good about this return, and I felt compelled to write about the experience today.

The people I ran into today were good people when we lived here and they remain good people. Things around the town may change and the friends we left behind have grown older, just as we have, but it is so nice to see them again.

So this day has been one of those really good days, which assure me in the knowledge that………..Life is Good!

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