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OK. I need to stay in balance. I am starting to move back into the direction of stability, clarity, and grounded strenth. Nothing happens on accident... and I can say I am eternally gratefull for the way things have been flowing in my life and the way things will always continue to flow effortlessly in and out of my experience. I am writing this note as a reminder to myself and who ever else needs it. BALANCE. Find my (your) balance. This means in one way; to be fully aware of what and how I am manifesting at every moment. Living in Mexico, I have been swept away by the strange sights, smells, culture, language, and food, I have in a sense lost my equilibriam, I have lost all sense of routine, or patterns of caring for myself. I bless this because this is all necessary in order for me to recognize what is missing in my life and to grow stronger and wiser as I see where I need to evolve. I have many beautiful teachers around me only wanting the best for my growth as a divine human being. It is time that I become concious, uber-concious about my thoughts and what I intend to happen. I say this as well because I have fallen into a sort of "pity" mode. Oh this, and oh that... I just want this and I just need that. Ok. Stop. Breathe. What do I have? I have all the reason in the world to be humbly grateful for every single thing in my life now. Everything WILL come when needs to come. What do I know and intend for myself? What would serve my highest good? What sort of patterns, and self-balancing rituals do I need to act upon for myself? How do I envision my "future?", is it positive, is it what I need? It is all ok Nori, you do not have to become swept away by exhausting and overwhelming ideas, and feel stuck or blocked by anything that is not coming the way you would like it to. Self affermations for the whole world of the internet to read, beacause we all need these reminders every once in a while:

I am whole, healthy, balanced, clear, strong, and in truth

I am infinitly abundent and I can share my wealth effortlessly and abundently

I am supported by every experience, I learn and grow from every experience

I am open to the grand will of the universe

I create what I desire for myself

I am love

I am infinite potential.

I remember that I am infinite always, all days, and all the time

I am free

there are many many more. But this I need to remember. I am balanced. In my balance I am FREE> IN being free, I am eternally supported and I can trust effortlessly in the experiences I live out in each moment to be exactly what I need in that moment.

Bless and to the truth that is awakening in all of us!

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