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I was surprised to hear Marilyn say that it was nearly 7:00 when we awoke this morning. We got up and dressed because we wanted to have time for our coffee before Jennifer and the grandkids arrived.

We finished our coffee, ate a bite of breakfast, and had the place straightened up by the time our company drove up.

Jennifer visited for a little while and then was off to her exercise class while Marilyn took Lauren for a walk and Colby went with me to check out a few things.

We checked the dumpster for any raccoons and didn’t find any, then walked over to the bridge to check for any snakes or frogs which might be sunning themselves on a rock beside the creek.

Again, the results were negative, so we tossed a few rocks into the creek. Colby is ambidextrous, throwing rocks into the creek with either hand, sometimes alternating from one hand to the other.

We had a plastic toy golf ball which we used to float in the running water of the sluice. Colby had a good time with that, before he decided that we should go to the playground.

We were there when Marilyn & Lauren joined us and then Jennifer joined us as well.

We played and enjoyed conversation with Jennifer and then they had to leave and head home.

Marilyn & I went indoors for a bite of lunch.

Marilyn then began ironing clothes for the cruise.

It seems that we have so much to do, in order to get things ready for our departure on Sunday.

I am hoping that we will be able to write our normal, daily, journal entries as this trip progresses.

I do not plan to post pictures until after we return but hope to post the written pages as we go along.

Several days, we will have tours lasting 12 hours or more and I may be too worn out to post the blog on those days.

All I can promise is to try and do the best I can do.

So we are ready to simply relax for the evening, watching a little TV before going off to bed to read for awhile.

Sometimes our live is so exciting! LOL

Oh well, it is easy to remember that………..Life is Good!

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