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The Borghese Gallery - no photos inside were allowed

Lunch stop





Nicely decorated

Great food


Super meal

Entering the National Museum of Rome

A marble statue

A room full of statues

View of Rome from the Museum

A coin

Stained glass depicting making coins

Walking back to the hotel

A nice park on the way back

One last look at the Colosseum

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Happy Cappuccino!

Today we headed across town by taxi, as suggested by Rick Steves, to the Borghese Gallery which is hard to find. Apparently we had a dumb taxi driver who let us out at the very place Rick Steve had said to avoid by telling the driver "Galleria Borghese" rather than "Villa Borghese". We should have taken the subway. However, we did finally get there and got our reserved tickets and it worked out fine. Cameras had to be checked before entry, so there are no pictures of the interior. The Gallery is literally stuffed with Renaissance and Baroque, and early Roman-Greek art. We found it overwhelming. Glad we did it, but . . .

Afterward we had a nice lunch on the way back to the subway, and had a leisurely afternoon so we could see the Trastevere area later and eat dinner over there. It is a more enjoyable area - more genuine - and we had a nice dinner in a very "local" place.

On our last day in Rome, we rested up for the long trip home in the morning and ventured out one last time to visit the National Museum of Rome. This is the least crowded of any site we have seen and included many works from ancient Rome and a collection of coins. Tom was able to photograph many of the items despite the "no camera" signs. We had dinner at the same nearby trattoria that we dined in on Tuesday.

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