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We slept in until 7:30 this morning. It felt good to sleep later than normal, for a change.

We sipped our morning coffee in a leisurely manner and then Marilyn had to leave for a hair appointment. When she returned with much shorter hair, she found me busily engaged in sorting through clothing, selecting slacks to take along on the cruise.

In this full-time RV lifestyle we rarely need a suit and tie, and so I had to get some clothing to the cleaners before we leave next Sunday for the cruise.

I walked over to the office to see if my replacement phone had arrived and it was there, as promised.

I ran into Gretchen and she asked me to help out in moving a portion of a stage in the theater, and I ended up moving and setting up chairs for a banquet tomorrow night, as well.

I then headed into town where I dropped off the clothing at the cleaners, before driving to the AT&T store to swap the battery and memory chip in my phone. I tested the new phone by calling Marilyn and then logging on to the internet.

All seems well at this time.

I next stopped in at the Penny’s store to get a replacement battery for my wrist watch.

One more stop, this time at the post office to send the old, malfunctioning phone back to AT&T, and then I was on my way back to the campground.

Jennifer, Colby and Lauren were all at our place when I arrived. Colby was at the door yelling “Hi Papa!” as I got out of the truck.

That brings a smile to my heart.

Now, I have to go back a day or so, to remind you of the mouse problem we had. I set traps and we caught three mice, which I disposed of in the dumpster.

When I opened the lid of the nearly empty dumpster, I was surprised to see a raccoon staring back at me.

Hoping to share this experience with Colby, we walked to the dumpster, talking about getting a board for the raccoon to climb out on.

To our dismay, the raccoon was gone. One of the workers here at the campground had done the board thing and the raccoon was now safely back home in the woods.

Colby and I walked around and he threw some small rocks into the creek, before playing at the sluice for awhile.

After some lunch, Colby asked me to put a DVD in so that he could watch “Manny”.

He didn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of that DVD, as he fell asleep almost immediately.

Lauren stayed awake, cooing and squealing as she played with various toys.

As I sit writing this, Marilyn & Jennifer have Lauren out for a walk in her stroller while I am staying inside to keep an eye on our grandson.

I have promised him a pillow fight after he wakes from his nap.

Marilyn & I are having dinner at the Mexican restaurant with friends, Dennis & Sonja and Steve & Cathy, this evening.

I suspect that we will be home in time to watch “Survivor” this evening.

It has been a good day and we rest assured that…Life is Good!

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