Gypsy Journal (6) 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2010 travel blog

Happy hour with Larry and Joyce, Hortonia Lake, Vermont

Joan's hike with Joyce, Vermont

Coolidge Homestead, Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Room and table where Coolidge took the oath, Calvin Coolidge State Historic...

9/1 – 9/3

Only 92 miles brought us from Montpelier to Hortonia, Vermont (SR62, I-89, SR107, SR100, US4, SR30). Our camping spot was the old Horseshoe Dance Hall, located only a few minutes drive from the summer cottage of Larry and Joyce. We ran into Larry and Joyce a few times while we were in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and they had invited us to visit them in Vermont. They have a beautiful cottage overlooking Lake Hortonia. Joyce and Joan did some kayaking and hiking. We both enjoyed swimming in the lake. We shared a 4 star meal of cheese enchiladas made with Larry’s delicious homemade tortillas. While in the area we drove to Plymouth Notch to visit the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. This site includes all of the original buildings that comprise the village where President Coolidge grew up. It includes his birth home and the home his family moved to when he was four years old. The table where he took the oath of office following the death of President Harding is still in the room where the event took place. We received an excellent tour of the two homes and also visited the cheese factory, general store and one of the original barns.

We had a good time with Larry and Joyce and thank them for their hospitality.

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