Guatemala-Birds in the sky-2010 travel blog

City of Voices

A tiny frog..

The tree they get chickel for chewing gum! They still collect it.

Sacrificing stones-


oscellated turkey

more...oscellated turkey we were able to get quite close

showing his feathers

wild orchid

our posing toucan


Thinking of Adam






probably the way the ruins were when discover




very large band of Coati

up the stairs

quite a hike up

more stairs

Tiff going up

Tiff on stairs

Tiffany on Temple IV


plant in a puddle

Tiff and I

Another entry not here...arrrggg.

.Our visit to Tikal was done in the rain, mostly drizzle, but it did get going more than a few times. Carlos hired an English speaking guide named Javier, yes ladies you can change the J to C. Very handsome young man with lots of knowledge about Tikal and the area.

I managed to do take a fall in the first 30 minutes of our 4/5 hour tour. Down I went camera, and umbrella first and me falling nano second by nano second later. Weird how slow times goes when you are falling! The umbrella completely bent and would be trash at the end of the tour, the camera a muddy lens, which I was able to clean. Me well, have you ever felt like crying and didn't. Javier helped me up. I was pretty muddied. Later I discovered a bruise on my arm.

Tikal is amazing and the Guatemalans are very proud. I was able to see plenty of the ocellated turkeys, a large band of coatis. We had a aracari toucan pose for us a big thrill for both Tiffany and I.

More later..but home to make playdough for the kids tomorrow.

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