Laurie and Adrienne's Trip Around the World 2010 travel blog

Another awesome scenery!

This is the same man I kept running in to! In his...

Check out this oragami! At most of the temples! It is strands...

Oh look!! My car!!!

Ohhh too cute. This is where I get my temple stamp!

Another fine trail.

So here`s that guy again, back with his bicycle around temple #65

Oh look another trail!

The MAN (2nd from left) and that wonderful family I was with...

In the rain, but look how beautiful!

Another in the fog and rain.

Started at Temple #44, a long way away and went through Temple #53!! Wow!! I kept running into this Japanese man along my journey. He was on his bicycle and I guess because I caught a train here and a bus there we kept running into each other. Well, today as I sat waiting for a bus, he pulls up in a rent car and asks if I need a ride! Crazy!! We made 8 Temples in his car! ( His bicycle wasnt immedietly fixable ). And the Temples happen to be close together. Ill add photos in a few days as it is time consuming, all in Japanese and I need help, and Im tired. So thank you to all that are reading. I love and miss you.. Laurie ;D

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