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Bamboo forest

a sleepy Panda

munching on the bamboo


puts the bamboo on his tummy for later




Ha ha!!

Red panda (cousin of the giant panda)


Arrived in Chengdu on Tuesday 28th until Friday 1st October.

Big city,(size of Dublin its population approx 4million) plenty of grubby food places so never want to see KFC again but overall clean city.Lots of cars in the city as well as cyclist especially battery operated bikes, there everywhere. Saw the electric bikes for sale in local shop for around 150euro so dirt cheap.

I have never felt like an alien in all my life. So many locals just stand and stare at us its not in an aggressive or intimating way but just in an inquisitive way. Its funny people see us take a glace then a second glance then a long stare. On the first day we counted how many white tourists there were and only counted ten people in the whole city. Its funny!!!

Spitting takes places here as well, every minute we hear (usually some man) hawking. It truly is awful. I read that they have set up campaigns to stamp out the spitting.

Not much to do here just walked around local shops (big shopping malls again). Today the 30th we went to the Giant panda conservation site. Very interesting, the panda's were so cute.

Another strange thing about China is the time zones. All of China works from Beijing time so even though where we are now is in another time zone it still works off Beijing time same with Tibet.For example dawn in Tibet is around 8am, weird hey!!

Tomorrow the 1st we leave for Tibet.

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