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vittskovle castle.. picture doesn t do it justice

john and asa ... ahhhhh

glimmingfus fort...try that with a swedish accent

supper at tomas and sara:: all the kids!

johnny curing terri of her fear to fly.. go capitaine Johnny!

terri and cousin christopher... adorable

lynn and chantelle !! our lil superstar athlete::

thats right a hotdog shoved into some kind of rolled up bun

ok, so at least 6 days ago; we headed up to sweden::: we spent time with the Kennedys and extended family;; we feasted on Asa,s salmon and some kind of white fish in a white sauce:: the following day it rained so we kicked it back at john and asa s for the day; nice!

we had qa much more sunny day the following day, so john and asa toured us in the southern of sweden;;; just the four us driving around in johnny s convertible! they showed us castles and forts super cool::out of this world to imagine knights on horses battling these grounds. you ll gt the drift when you see the pics as attached.

we stopped in for some fried herring served up with mashed potatoes and a side of jammy type sauce::: terri of course; very skeptical to try, but she did! lynn on the other hand is always willing and ready, she loved it! we had such a lovely tour of the country side

the end of our tour brought us to ystad; where sara tomas and their kids as well as charmains family: we feasted again; this time on wild boar which apparently is open season all year since they r out of control..... let me at;m!

the night went late, johnny cured terris fear of flying::see pic::

we had an amazing time with the family, we are both so glad to have gone:: you couldn;t ask for better hosts..

enjoy sweden pics!

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