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I am writing this from a long, eventful, and possibly the most busy week yet. This past Friday and Saturday I performed in "Cuando Tenga Tiempo mi suicido" (when I had the time of my suicide") I was fortunate to have a beautiful solo/ duet.. where I could express how I love to move in the most authentic way possible. It is always incredible to hear what peoples reactions are, and how my dancing has moved them in one way or another. Quite interesting. So now we have a two day "break" and will start rehersal again on Wednesday, for what I don't quite know yet. Also something kind of eventful was that I conciously, or rather unconciously created a sickness due to pressure and stress I was putting on myself. I feel a lot better now, just a few sniffles remain, but HEY it goes to show "be darned careful about what you think". Because I litterally had the thought "ooo I hope I don't get sick for my show" BAM. ahaha... it could have been worse... just a little test from the grand universe to myself. This whole week I have stayed busy from going to rehersal, eating lunch I prepare in my make- do kitchen, to studying my online- english course, to spanish class (mon and wed), to extra dance with Vania, to more studying... no wonder I kind of burned myself out. So to top off the week, today Juan and I went about an hour and a half away to visit the most amazing cave I have seen in my life so far. HUGE. Open. Engergetic. I took pictures (eh it is hard to upload pictures on this site, so facebook is better for viewing pictures...) of mayan gliffs, bones, artifacts, litterally a carving in the stone of an alien head next to a human head. OOOO MMYYYY GOSH> Incredible to be so close to this amazing culture, and where they literally used to live. IN this amazing womb of energy. Oh. right. And RIGHT NOW. I have a part of a special plant (forgot the name), it's tip of it's leaf, which the mayans' used for piercing their bodies, in my left ear lobe.(Haha. don't worry it is hardly in there.) It feels amazing to work with Juan. It has been a process of opening up and trusting in who he is, and what he does. As always, it is humbling. It is humbling to recognize how much I do not know. It is humbling to recognize: "oh yes, I say I know this, and I agree with this... but I can not actually live by it because of my own mental, and programmed beliefs". This is all a process of remembering, waking up to the divine spirits that we are. Yes I know this. And YES I forget it most of the day. The body is a divine temple. Perhaps this is why I love dance so much. Through dance I can express what I can not express through words or anything else. I don't even know what I am expressing most of the time when I dance, yet people watching understand something that goes beyond subliminal. Everytime I perform I recognize more and more how much it is my duty now to continue to grow my strengths as a dancer, creator, and expressor. What I am giving is beyond words, beyond this world. Something I am not aware of, and something I can not comprehend. The body becomes like a vessel for a deep passion to move my soul and shake awake the souls of those witnessing. Anyways, through my experiences here I am being transformed in every moment. I love that in one day I will visit an ancient mayan cave, and come back to reality to write this blog... the connections between the worlds... damn. Untill next time.

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