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Wow! Four Years living the life of Full-Time RV’ers.

Today is the day we have finally decided to call our RV anniversary.

Four years ago, on Sept 26th, 2006, the sale of our home in Wichita, KS, became final, and we were living in our RV. We left Wichita the next morning to begin our adventure. We took delivery of our Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel on Sept 8th and began moving in immediately but we were not “free” until we closed on our home sale and “Hit the Road” living in our RV.

Along the way, we have visited numerous states, driving approximately 25,000 miles. We haven’t traveled as much as many of our RV friends, because we have found the places we enjoy the most and return over and over again to places which call us back.

We have however, visited many wonderful places along the way, enjoying the beautiful sights each state has to offer.

We have become accustomed to spending our summers in the mountains of Colorado and the winter months in the relative comfort of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. These places have become “Home” to us and we are very comfortable there.

The spring and fall months are usually spent visiting family and friends back in northeast Missouri.

Jennifer, Steve and our grandchildren become our focus for several months each year.

Along the way, we have met and enjoyed the company of some of the most amazing people!

One of the real pleasures of this lifestyle has been to have our new friends meet our long-time friends and get acquainted with our family when they visit us in Hannibal.

I never dreamed that we would have so many people interested in our day to day life as we travel along the roads of this wonderful country. This blog has been the key to meeting so many nice folks. It still surprises us though, when we are approached by someone who asks “Are you Ed & Marilyn?”

Then, when we reply in the affirmative, they inform us that they have been reading our blog for years. That humbles us that anyone would be interested in what I write.

I would simply like to say, as we begin our fifth year of travel, that it has been you wonderful readers who inspire us to continue to write about our adventures.

Thank you so much for your kindness and your inspiration.

We look forward to meeting each of you again, somewhere down the road.

Life is Good!

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