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Jo on Parliament Hill

Houses of Parliament

This is the parliamentary library



The canal cuts right through downtown






Model yacht racing. Very competative

These two were having an argy bargy over a disputed start line...



Not quite Niagara

The natural history museum

Splendid buliding housing the museum




The canal had cyle lanes either side which cut through beautiful gardens



Now we've seen grey squirrels and red but BLACK?? Aparantly they are...

The next few photos will give you an idea of the fantastic...





Tim Hortons is the Canadian version of Starbucks. About half the price,...

Houses of Parliament in Autumn. The tower eas modelled on Big Ben

Another Black Squirrel

The Parliamentary Library



Took a tour of the big ben tower - great views.



We have come to the capital of Canada which is in the Province of Ontario and after being a little disappointed with Montreal we were hoping that Ottawa would make up for it. Great news – it did. Maybe its because it’s the nations capital that they are not afraid to spend the tax dollars making the place nice but whatever the reason the city is very impressive. Lots of well maintained parks, cycle paths and walkways all around the city, magnificent buildings, a beautiful canal which becomes the worlds largest skating rink in the winter, great museums all without the traffic chaos encountered in Montreal!

We spent 10 days in and around the city and the surrounding area, cycled along some of the many paths, wandered through the buildings on parliament hill, walked some of the many parks and gardens, visited the royal mint and a couple of museums and mooched around the markets and shops. In our opinion this would be a real attractive city in which to live, its just such a nice place with a real good feel about it.

Check out the pictures of Ottawa.

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