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New windows at last!

The work was completed by 2:45 in the afternoon and we opted to remain in the “parking lot” RV Park for the night.

This morning we knew that they had to send someone to pick up the new windows at the factory, and that would take several hours, so we were in no hurry to get up and get going.

Finally, when we heard them moving the RV next to us, we crawled out of bed, cleaned up and dressed for the day.

We drove to breakfast, meeting Robert & Gay at the restaurant. More nice people from Canada. We have many friends from Canada and every one of them are wonderful.

We lingered over breakfast and stayed long after the food was gone. The young waitress kept our coffee cups filled and we enjoyed this time of relaxation.

We finally felt that we should return to the RV shop, just to see if we were needed for anything. We did return but everything was under control and in the very capable hands of Paul Cross and his crew.

We paid the bill and retired to the comfort of our RV.

A group of the folks having their RV’s worked on here are gathering together this evening to have snacks and something cold to drink. In other words, it is a “maintenance happy hour” in the parking area of the shop doing the work.

That should be fun.

Tomorrow we plan to be on the road, headed west to pick up our new furniture, by 8:30 at the latest.

Once we have the new chairs on board we will try to reach Illinois before we stop for the night. Then on to Hannibal on Saturday.

We see, from reading the blogs of friends, that many, if not most, of our friends are on the road heading toward their winter home.

One of these friends has recently started their own blog and I think many of you would enjoy reading it.

Dan & Pat Sullivan are some dear friends who stopped by to meet us in the RGV a couple of years ago, and we became fast friends.


I am not good at putting a link to their blog so you need to simply copy and paste.

I suggest you give them a peek and get to know these good people.

I must say that since becoming full-time RV’ers we have met some of the finest people you could ever wish to have as friends.

That is one of the perks of living this wonderful lifestyle.

Life is Good!

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