We took the Original Ducks Boat Tour and had a blast!!

Jerry getting the tickets

On the boat and ready to go

The tour took us all through the woods

Down the Duck trail :-)

Next, we splashed into the Wisconsin River


This rock formation is called "Hawk's Bill", can you see the bill?

Another view

Front view

More rock formations ahead


River view



Out of the water for a roller coaster ride :-)

A quick stop at Newman's Dam

Back into the water at Lake Delton

This time with a bigger splash and water in the boat :-)

Homes on Lake Delton


Back on land again

Wilderness Trail heading toward Roller Coaster Hill

The last one was called Suicide Hill, it was a fun ride...

Tour over, they let you out at the gift shop

Indoor waterpark

We had pizza for lunch, it was great!

Our next stop was the Cheese Factory

Say Cheese :-)

Cheese Fudge anyone?




Whitehouse upside down called Top Secret

Another view

Notice the Presidents



Hotel Rome

Last one!

We had a great time today visiting Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin Dells is known as the “Waterpark Capitol of the World”, and is famous for the natural beauty of the amazing sandstone cliffs and rock formations along the Wisconsin River that gave the “Dells” it’s name.

We wanted to take one of the boat tours to see the cliffs. We finally made up our minds and chose the Original Ducks Boat Tour. It was so much fun, we have not laughed this hard in months. They take you through the woods on roller coaster like hills and then splash you into the water, then back out of the water to more woods and touring, then back into the water for more. It was awesome!

After the tour we had pizza for lunch. We also visited the Cheese Factory. You can't visit Wisconsin and not check out the cheese. :-) We also checked out some of the unusual attractions in the area. A lot of them are closed for the season. This is definitely a destination area, we could spend weeks and not see it all. We loved it and will be back.

Tomorrow is another travel day. More later from somewhere in Minnesota.

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