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Baby crab!







Enjoying some tasty icecream








Tiniest car ever!


San Sebastian







They used to hold bull fights here

The balconies are numbered because they were the seating


Enjoying some tapas


Ever seen fish go nuts over a piece of bread?

The aquarium!



A whale skeleton


Fishing port in Nova Scotia


Plate made by Picasso

These crabs remind me of the ones from PotC 3











Its times like this that I love having a waterproof camera


This guy tried to eat my camera lol
























These are nurse shark eggs. They look like bags with baby sharks...












We were having a staring contest




Hard to see,but this guy had teeth!











We decided since we were only an hour away, we might as well have a beach day. We decided to drive the coast from Biarritz to San Sebastian.

In Biarritz we parked the car and walked the beach. It was absolutely beautiful here. There weren't many people swimming, but there was a surf lesson going on. I wanted to join, but I didn't know how well it would go in French (especially since I was having troubles understanding the south accent).

We walked all the way down to the end where the beach was blocked off due to rocks falling. Near here, there were also some people filming (although what I have no idea).

It was hot out, so we decided to pick up an icecream. Never did I think nutella icecream could taste so good!

We debated whether we wanted to see St Jean de Luz, but we decided not to since there didn't seem to be much according to the guidebook. We drove on through and made our way to San Sebastian.

We made our way straight to the beach. We had heard so many people rave about San Sebastian that we were quite excited to get there. Little did we know that it was a "bathingsuit top optional" beach.

We wandered around until we found the tourist office for a map. They had a neat system where you filled out all you wanted to know and it printed off a custom map for you. We decided next to go grab some lunch. We wandered into a couple of tapas bars until we found one that seemed pretty good. We each chose a few things and sat down with a glass of sangria.

We read in the guidebook that the aquarium was a must-see so we decided to go. There was a specific path to follow that was marked by these yellow signs that said "The sense of the visit". Too funny. First they took us through a museum about the fishing history of the town complete with models of the ships and shipping techniques. They also had preserved specimens of different fish and fossilized remains of fish and crabs.

It wasn't until the last floor that we got to actually see the fish. One room that was my favorite was a large amphitheatre where the wall at the front of the room was really a big fish tank. In the aquarium, we were also able to walk through a tube tunnel in the middle of a large aquarium.

At the end of the day, we debated walking around town to see some of the old town, but we decided not to since we didn't want to drive in the dark too much. We got in the car and started to drive on what we thought was the right highway. Turns out we were going the wrong way. We saw a turnoff only to find there was a toll booth. We paid and mentioned we needed to head back to France. The guy told us to turn around and go the other way. we did a loop and had to go through the same toll booth to go the other way. The guy still made us pay! We weren't too happy about that one. A few euros later, we were well on our way back.

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