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wow. Haha I guess I seem to start my entries with wow a lot huh? No wonder. Just to keep those of you updated on my emotional statuses... this past week has been more or less hard for me. I have had SO much free time and I had no idea what to do with it. It was intensified by wanting to work on the house I am "supposed" to be moving into, but not having any resources to do so. But alas I ended up buying all the paint for the house, now I just need brushes to appear magically, and someone to fix the fucking roof. hahah. I was inside the house during a major rainstorm and the whole kitchen was more or less flooded. Really it was hilarious, to say the least. BUT there is finally "yogurt" in the fridge! So after having a nice long chat with my amazing amazing grandmother yesterday for the first time since I arrived to Mexico. I finally woke up to the obvious. I need to get a broom. For my house now. Where I am sleeping my precious head every night. I need to make myself as comfortable as I can because the reality is I am living where I am living now for however much longer it needs to be. So that being said I feel better, much better today. This may also have to do with the fact that yesterday I finally created a gran' ole adventure for myself. All you worried parentals out there this will sound a bit CRAZY. So feel free to just skip to the end of the blog :) I was on my way walking to the center, but.... the gods were sad. IT RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED> I ended up getting "stranded" inside a local bar-restaurant (typical of merida type). I had NO money on me... as I was walking to the center to get money out of the Atm. I was hungry... and still a bit emotional from the week. After waiting enough time the rain finally let up a bit, I was about to walk out the door. Yet a group of young-middle aged taxi drivers startedconversationion. Me and my big mouth. I explain I have no money and I am hungry.. hahaha I sound like a poor little beggar writing this. Anyways I ended up eating with them... and making friends with the 4 mexican taxi drivers. When we were finished I was all too happy to catch a ride with them to the center. Alas... first we dropped a taxi driver off at his home in a mayan village (puebla) somewhere yonder. Who knows. Then the idea was formed for an adventure. "do you want to see a bull game" or whatever it is called. Me: YES! So alas in the evening we arrive in another puebla: me and 3 average mexican beer drinking taxi driver men. What a picture. I had no idea what I was in for. At these community festivals there is constantly food being sold such as: steak kabobs, beer, mexican candy, deep fried pork rinds, french fries, churros, "creps" mexican style, corn... really things smothered in spicy sauce, deep fried, or died a bright color... yep I am in my health food nightmare! I climb up the hand made ladder to side about 13 feet off the ground upon a rickety handmade round viewistructuretre. This is a large arena in which the bulls will be running around frantically. Mexicans are galore. Kids, infants, grandmothers... you name it all have come to watch the bulls get poked fun at. One at a time each bull gets a chance to run madly at the red flags ttorresitasa's are waving. Really I don't get it. I guess this is supposed to be some sort of strange honoring of the animal before it gets slaughtered. I had no NO idea that they KILL the poor beast right there on the spot. But thank God they only kill on beast per game... so goes the humane rule? When I realized the bull was bleeding because of the knife it its back. My heart stopped feeling carefree. This bull was running around helplessly with a sword in it's haunches being laughed at by hundreds of Mexicans. Then when the moment was right a brave bull "fightestabbedbed a sword in the soft spot. Again. Again. The beast falls to it's knees, then it's side. It has given up. The people have won. Moranchersros come to it's side lighastlytfliesy's smelling poop. With more knives and hands the bull becomes meat. Cut and torn into like it never had a soul. With the help of the "brave" cowboys riding upon more brother meat (horses), the tormented bull was dragged off to the darkened hell of a butcher shop. (yea this is not a biased report at all) An hour or so later I had to pee. When I was making my way back to my seat I saw women carrying clear plastic bags of bloody meat. The recently breathing bull was now up for sale. Hurry hurry, the best parts sell fast. (Lovely! and I had just eaten meat before the whole shabang started... so good!)Well at least I didn't puke! The whole event lasted for about 4 hours. I patiently sat through the rest of the aimless teasing of the creatures. It was quitefascinatinging experience I must say. If I would want to relive it again... not particularly. Every time during the breaks (between rotating bulls) a swarm mexicanian salesmen would try and entice the audience to buy their deep fried corn stuff, or their neon pink cotton candy, or their freshly roasted peanuts (mmmmm).... the Taxista's I were with constantly were buying things for me to try... here take a bite of thcaramelizedzed apple with spicy stuff on it! Haha.... really quite a generotroupeoup of men. Alas I made my way home with the help of the taxi shuttle (their taxi friend drove us back to the center, and me back to my house... my first FREE taxi ride! hahah yea bitches!) When my head hit the pillow all I could say was "wow I need to write this on my blog!" So here you have it. A mini-adventure after the week of slowly going crazy with no-doingness. Of course there were many other mini adventures that happened since the last time I blogged. Yet nothing to the extent of this mishap.

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