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welcome to copenhagen

john and asa's house, the smoking - jroking room, use to be...

food food and more food! delish!

Sara, Tomas, Asa, cooking it up!

keep it coming Sara...

Lynn and Asa, again in the smoking room..

we could only get half of their house in the photo..!

lil cousin Alexander, adorable!

...stay tuned...

sept 20

ok, we re back... so we flew from Paris to copenhagen to meet up with Terri's uncle Johnny and tomas, terri's cousins husband.. they picked us up from the copenhagen airport to continue into Sweden. ok, so super cool, to get from copenhagen to malmo sweden, there is a 87 km bridge to get over the North sea into Sweden.. half of the bridge is actually under water then it pops up over the water. neat!

we haven t been doing much site seeing, but more importantly spending time with family. We are staying with jhonny and asa's at their house..a house made in the 17th century, reed roof top, must be at least 3000 square feet. apparently this use to be a priests house. beautiful property.

we spent the second night amongst the entire family, sara and tomas with their kids, alexander, vanya and lil' benjamin, and also charmaine and erwin along with their twins, chantal and christopher <( probably not spelling their names right, but you get the drift).

we ate at a table that seats 20 for sure, indulged in an amazing swedish meal, salmon, cod in some kind of white sauce, potatoes, salad etc... the dishes kept coming.

our third day was quiet, with all the kids gone back home, so it was just asa, john, and the two of us..a nice relaxing day.

we took john's beamer (convertable) for a spin to town, pick up some groceries. we made them a canadian dinner tonite, that's right home made burgers with home made poutine!

tomorrow we head to sara and charmaines town, ystad, about 40 mins from here, do some site seeing, castles and 13 century churches, spend some more family time and head back to paris on wed for a quick overnight before we head out to Bordeaux.

terri did us up a video of john and asa's house.. unfortunately the size of it is too large to post.. but it's amazing and hilarious...

the language is not easy to pick up, the only thing lynn can pronounce is thank you, which sounds like Tak <(pretty sure that's not how you spell it)...ok and ikea of

til the next time..

terri and lynn

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