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Drove to McKinney today. Managed to get FW hitched and all hoses stowed without getting too wet. Foul weather today - torrential rain, high winds. When we get to McKinney there are tornado warnings for Dallas - 5 touched down throughout the evening - only 1 death - man swept away in his car by flash flood. Lost power for a time - right in middle of cooking lasagna in my half-time oven. Chatted with neighbor - Chester - full timer in his motor home. Chester offered us his generator so we could continue cooking - how kind. Had 3 dogs in his MH - climbing over everything. He'd had heart attack few months earlier but was still chain smoking. Power comes back on and we continue cooking. We're parked at quite an angle - leaning to one side but too much rain, lightning and thunder to do anything but watch. Martin and Alicia come over with the dogs and then Helen arrives. They all get the tour - they seem impressed with our new home. More rain and tornado warnings - filthy night. Showers were individual and clean! Girls in next shower kept talking about police in Spanish - I can only understand word for "police". As I leave bathroom there's a policeman outside talking to a woman. No obvious reason for police being there. Had noticed notices in women's bathroom and close to it telling males to keep out, females only - very strange. Walked into a mud puddle in the dark , yes I did have a flashlight but I obviously didn't have it shining in the right place. Mud up to my ankles - luckily there was an empty site where I could wash my feet under the water tap. Dogs were very interested in the Fifth Wheel and in my feet.

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