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Saturday September 18th – Bangor, Maine

Naturally it was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning! We went to Temple at 9:30. Earlier even than at TRZ! Services moved along nicely. Sermon was very good. Then we got to the very end, or what I thought was the very end of the morning service, & then, the Musaf Service which is usually 15 minutes, went on for 2 hrs. They came up with parts that we had never heard before. So it finally ended at 2pm.

We went back to rig, walked dog etc. & returned to Temple at 5pm. Service ended at 7:30pm following the blowing of the Shofar & Havdallah. We then adjourned to a dairy “Break the Fast” community dinner in the Social Hall. They have a member who is a great cook & the dinner was wonderful. The people are very nice & pleasant, relaxed & low key. This is primarily an older congregation, but we met some of the younger ones as well.

I do believe that the winter weather in New England is better than Milwaukee/Minneapolis! It is drier, sunnier with less rain, & not as cold! I could easily handle the cold, but I’d miss the every day desert sun thing! Heat & I do not get along well at all!

It was a special time for us to be here during Yom Kippur, though we missed being with our family & friends. I certainly miss Mel M. cause I had no one to talk to during services! But I avoided the agony of having to try & “remember” names of congregants! 

We started packing up tonight since we start out again in the morning! We’re not done yet!!! More to follow in New England.

Sunday September 19th – Freeport, Maine

Happy Birthday to Allan!!!! Another healthy year for the little guy! Ain’t he the lucky one! No pills, just a few vitamins that he forgets to take. We drove to Freeport, Maine, only a 2.5 hr ride. Lovely sunny day.

On the ride here we saw lots of foliage starting to show fall color. Looking forward to more of this in the next week.

There is a whole area of name brand outlet stores built up around L.L. Bean. We shopped & then had a nice dinner at a small local favorite homey restaurant. We spent some nice time on the phone with family today.

In the past few weeks we have seen many homes & farms decorated for fall & Halloween with pumpkins & assorted décor. There are lots of pumpkins around these parts!

Time to put the feet up & relax. I was shopped out today but we plan to do more in Freeport tomorrow!

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