North to Wild Alaska! 2010 travel blog

entering the USA at Sweetgrass, MT

wide open spaces...

...that go on forever.

the view from our camper tonight

Date: September 19, 2010

Tonight’s Location: Glasgow, MT

Mileage: End - 55396

Start - 55027

Total Miles for the day: 369

Weather: rainy in the morning, cleared and beautiful all afternoon

Temperature: start 44º

High 64º

Wildlife count: osprey, ducks, gulls, pronghorn antelope, swans, blue heron, Bald Eagle, Kestrel hawk

Left this morning at 8am to journey back into the USA. Who-hoo! It is good to be back in the country and not have to calculate km and loonies. Our Alaska experience has taught us that we like the wild, solitary places, so instead of taking the interstate, we turned east at Shelby on State Route 2 along northern Montana and drove east through a few small towns. The landscape changed from wheat fields to rangeland, sometimes very flat and other times appearing like badlands and glacial moraines.

We stopped in Havre at the Wal-Mart to stock up and fuel up, and then came into Glasgow at the Cottonwood Inn for the night. It is windy, and we look out over a short-grass prairie, a delightful campground behind a motel. This is the first evening that we can remember that we have not had to turn on the heater! In fact, we have opened the windows and it is delightful.

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