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Colin posing with his new rig!

Friday - we wake up to a problem with water system - we should be getting city water directly from the faucet outside but it's coming from our on-board supply instead. Colin calls Brad who explains the handle positions again - this time it made sense so problem was quickly fixed. Took walks around campground - there's a duck pond with Canada geese - there's a road sign that says you must give way to the ducks - doesn'[t say a word about Canada geese. Weather much cooler - 55F overnight. Being thin-blooded Texans we needed sweater and jeans in the morning but back to shorts in the afternoon. However, it did give us the opportunity to try out our electric fire - awesome - lots of heat quickly. No Pinnacle hand book in with oven and tap and other warranties and instructions. Brad's going to send one to our home. TV is amazing - HD picture even I can see the difference - just with antenna, no cable. Early to bed - bed is so comfy - king sized, hard and with pillow top.

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