Portugal & Bulgaria 2010 travel blog

Pomac mountain village

family farm where we had lunch

grandmother in traditional costume

folk singers

girls singing

older girl

younger girl

On our way back to Sofia, we stopped in a small, Pomac village in the mountains, where the people are Muslim. They are not like what you would expect in a Muslim village, as they were originally Christian heretics who converted to Islam under Ottoman rule, mainly for economic and political reasons, not religious. They live a very traditional life where the men work in construction and woodworking, while the women stay at home, raising the children. The women dress in a colorful, turkish type pants which resemble pajama bottoms, and they are renowned for their singing. We had lunch with a family on their farm, while the daughter and granddaughters sang traditional folk songs. The girls had beautiful voices, and had recently won a contest in an inter-European folk contest.

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