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10th august.

The next day we went down and gave the extra bags to the hotel we would be staying in when we returned. Today we were going to Salaqi to stay a few days there before coming back to beijing. The train we were going on was a over night one. It left at 7:30pm and got in at 6:30am. We caught a taxi to biejing train station and then went to a waiting room and waited until it was 7. Then dad said that they had started loading. We went to the platform and on the platform we bought some bananas and some apples. Then we got on found our compartment and got set up. The kids would have the top bunks and the parents would have the bottem bunks. Then I ate an apple and made my bed. Then we played games and went to bed.

11th august.

We woke up and ate some more apples then got the bags down and put our shoes on. Then we took the bags out into the corridor and got ready to get off. When we got off we got out of the train station and met mums friend. The train station we were at wasn't salachi, It was called Baoto. Mums friends brother took us to a temple and then we went on to salachi. When we got to salachi we went to the room that was going to be ours and then we went out for a walk with soyi and her cousin. On the way back we stopped at a pool and then me and ben took off our shorts, T-shirts and shoes and then we ran into the pool. The banks were slipperry and we slid down and fell over. We played tag for a while and then I started finding good spots to slide down. Me and ben built a really big slide and we went up and then slid down. I got bored and I started making my own mud slide. When I was finished we washed off then got out and dryed off in the sun. I got dressed and then started back with siyis cousin because siyi and mum had already gone back and dad was with ben. When we got back I taught siyi and her cousin War then I taught siyis cousin Horse show. After we had finished one game we went and had dinner. When I was full I came back and went to bed.

12th august.

We walked to a fish place and tried to catch a fish but we didn't catch any. Then a man came and netted a bunch of fish. Then we watched as he scaled and gutted the fish. There were three catfish that they put into tub of water. Then the police men arrived and we went into a room. We ate a lot of fish then I went outside and ate sunflower seeds until mum and dad finished. Then we walked back to siyis house. Then we got in the car to go to yellow river. On the way back we saw siyis fathers sunflower island. The island was reasnobly large. Then we went back to siyis house.

13th august.

We got our bags ready to leave and then I played cards with siyi. Then everyone went and to play mahjong. I stayed home and read books. When they came back we got into the car and drove off to a restaurant near the train station. It had artificial waterfalls and rivers inside. When we finished we went to the station then caught the train back to beijing.

14th august.

We went out to meet han at about lunch time. When we found han we took her to the restaurant where we would have lunch. When we finished lunch we took her to our hotel and showed her the photos that we had from mianshan and salachi. Then she went away and we played games until it was time to leave to meet susan. We would meet her at a seshuan restaurant under a giant TV screen. Nearby there was The Place. When we got to dinner me and ben played a game of chess and then we ate dinner. It was very late when we left and me and ben straight to bed.


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