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Qixian valley


31st july.

On saturday morning we moved out of our apartment and went to a hotel where we would stay for one night. The next day we would catch the train to taiyuan. The room had two beds and I would share a bed with mum.

1st august.

On sunday we caught the train to Taiyuan. It was really hard to get to the station and also really hard to get onto the train. When we got on it left and wethought that there were quite a few people that missed the train because there wasn't enough time to get on to it. We are going to a place called Mianshang. It is about three hours drive from taiyuan. I really liked the train ride because I got to read a alot. I have read Eragon and I am reading Eldest. When we got off the train we found our driver and started off. It was a very steep, windy road and there was a drop to one side and a steep cliff on the other side. When we arrived at the hotel we got out and had a look at it. I thought that it overhung the cliff abit. Then after we dropped off our bags we went to have dinner. I really liked a mushroom soup that we had. Then we left and went to bed. I really like reading Eragon and then Eldest. The next book in the series is called Brisingr.

2nd august.

On monday we walked up to a small pagoda that had a path leading from it to a temple that had a path leading to a lot of other temples. I really liked it. Then after we had gone round we went down and and then we started walking down the road to try and find the end of the road. When we got there we stopped and then found a place to have lunch. After lunch we bought some biscuits and then started walking back to the hotel. On the way back we discovered a rusty chain ladder that went down to a temple in the bottem of the chasm. I wouldn't want to go down incase the ladder broke because it was quite along way down. Then we went back to the hotel and played pool and ping pong. I am quite good at ping pong and me and dad can do a rally of 18 including the serve somtimes. I really like playing ping pong with dad even though I get hardly any serves. At the very end I swapped with mum and played a bit of pool. I don't like pool very much.

3rd august.

On tuesday a nice man let us ride in his van so we went to the end of the road and then went up a nice path with a stream beside it and I liked jumping from one rock to another. Mum took alot of photos. We saw a statue of a water buffalo a giant crocodile that lay on a rock shelf and made a waterfall. There was a little crocodile next to it but no one else saw it. There were a lot of stone animals there that we tryed to spot. Further up on the land there were a bunch of cows and me and ben climbed on them. There was also a concrete book that was really heavy. After a while we saw a rock face with foot holds and hand holds in it that made itreally easy to climb. There was also a chain that I held onto stood out from the rock like when you absail and went down until the chain came to an end and the I dropped to a little ledge that ran along by the stream. Then I grabbed the chain and pulled my self up and walked up to the ledge at the top. Then I came down and climbed a tree. There were lots of stone monkeys sitting around the place. I also really liked going to a snake that came out of the hill and had a fountain coming out of its mouth. After a little while dad said that it was time to go to the next place. We walked on to a place where there are iron steps in the rock and then we found a water fall that you could go behind. There were little showers coming down that I liked going under. I got really wet. Then we went on to a piece with lots of stone dinosaurs that me and ben climbed on. Then we went to a place called Hole in the rock. It is where a water fall comes down and you have towalk up beside it and then climb into the cave. You got wet while coming in and when you got inside there was a prayer cushion and statues of three men. I got cold so then we left the cave and went back down through the park place and back along the road to the hotel. Then mum bought a watermelon and we went back up to a small pagoda that we went up to on monday to eat water melon and read books.

4th august.

On wednesday we walked to a place where there was an entrance to a valley. We went along and climbed up some iron steps in the rock. We went up the valley climbing the wooden ladders and iron steps to some concrete steps. We climbed up and up, when we reached the top of the hill we looked for the cable car to take me, mum and ben down so that we could go back to the hotel. Dad wanted to look at some temples. When we saw the cable car we walked over to it and me, mum and ben went down. When we got down we started walking back to the hotel. When we got back mum started playing PvZ. I wrote my notes and then started reading. After a little while me, dad and ben went down to play pool, I think I have improved. After that we went back up and with mum went to have dinner.

5th august.

On thursday we went the other way along the road until we came to a stone tower that had a draw bridge and a medium set of double doors. Me and ben played there, I went out to have a look around and ben would close the doors behind me and go up to the look out tower. We played there for a while and then went on. There were a few temples and then dad and ben went off exploring and me and mum sat down and waited. When mum got a text saying that the boys went on to explore we went back to the hotel and waited for them. When they came we went and had dinner then we watched Osten powers. After we had finished the first movie we went to bed to read.

6th august.

Friday, our last full day. We walked to a place with concrete ramps going up to a bunch of small temples. When we had seen most of the temples we went up a bunch of steps that led to another temple and a path. By the temple there was a little bird that mum stroked the foot of. Then we went along the path to a pagoda. After we left the pagoda we went along and saw the mummy temple where there were statues of munks and inside the statues was the mummy of that munk. There were signs saying when they died what they did and what thier life had been like. When we left the temple we went to a very, very tall pagoda. We went in and had a look at the statues and things inside and in crevases in the wall of the terrace. There were storys by some of the statues outside. I really liked reading them. Then we left and went to a lift to go down. Once we were down we got drinks and some noodles. When we finished we walked back to the hotel played PvZ. Dad went away to explore a bit more but the rest of us stayed home. When dad got home we went and had dinner but dad didn't eat anything. After dinner we played on the ipods and then we went to bed.

7th august.

On saturday we had breakfast and then we went to a bunch of temples and a bridge that went along to more temples and a star chart. There was also a temple with a ladder going down to a store room and then another ladder going down to another temple. When we came back up we went back to the hotel and then we got our bags, put them in the car and got in to go back to biejing. It took along time to get back to biejing and I played PvZ for most of the time. When we got off the train we caught a taxi back to the hotel and when we got there mum saw a friend and then we put our bags in our room and then came back down so that mum and dad could talk and show their friend Rick photos from mian shan. When it was time to go to bed we went to our rooms.

8th august.

On sunday we took Rick to the capital and dad told me about a bunch of people on the western time line. After we left there we went to a vegetarian restaurant near a big old school that wasn't a school anymore so you could go there and look at things there. After lunch me and mum went to get tickets from mums friends friend. The boys went to the school place and a temple conected to it and then they went to a store that had computers, games and stuff like that. Then they went to look at the CCTV tower. After me and mum had gotten the tickets we went back to the hotel and played games. When mum thought it was time for dinner she phoned dad and then we set out to get to a place where there is a really good desert called eight snack platter. We had dinner and got four toffeecthings. I got peach and grape with toffee on a stick. Ben had a purple grape toffee stick and Mum and rick had green grape sticks. Dad missed out on the toffee sticks. We walked home and then went to bed.

9th august.

On monday we went down stairs had breackfast and played games. We went out to find lunch but got all the way to the end of nanluogu xiang that is the name of the street we were on and then dad went to get new glasses made and to buy some chocolate for mums mongolian friends family. Me mum and ben started back to our hotel. On the way we found a place to have lunch and then we went to a shop and I got two purses and then we went on back to the hotel. Then we played games and read books. I finished brisingr and king cat then I started on hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. For dinner we went to cats eye pizza. When we got back to the hotel we went to bed and mum and dad went to have a foot massage.


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