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Virg with his cousins Pat and Harry.

Virg loves licorice and had a good time searching for some in...

Sunday dinner with the family.

Virg with his cousins and Uncle Charley who's 90 yrs young.

Harry and Jonny can play some mean chopsticks! Pretty good for 10...

Were we go, on the road again! After saying good-bye to Steve and Jim we made a little jaunt to Leesport, PA. Leesport is in the Reading area and Virg's family is from that area. We stayed with his cousins Pat and Harry Yocum and as usual, they were so hospitable to us. Pat is the best cook and she once again she out did herself. It's going to really hard to get through this vacation without gaining at least 20 lbs!

While there we took a day trip up to the Pocono Mountains. This area used to be known as the "honeymoon" spot of America. Unfortunately, however, since people take their honeymoon to Hawaii and the Caribbean, the Poconos aren't what they used to be. It is a beautiful area though. Pat and Harry took us by the honeymoon resort where they stayed thirty-some years ago and it is a very sad picture. It has been completely abandoned now and just sits there deteriorating. It looked like it was a fabulous place in those days!It was a great day in the Pocono's, we enjoyed shopping in their great gift shops and winning a little money at the local casino.

Some of Virg's cousins came over on Sunday along with his last living Uncle, Charley. Charley is his mother's younger brother and he was turning 90 years young while we were there. We had a great visit with his family. I've included a few pictures. Our visit went way too fast because before we knew it we were on our way back to West Virgina.

Thanks again, Pat and Harry for treating us like royalty again. We hope you let us return the gesture here in AZ.

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