2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

our beautiful campsite at JGW RV Park in Redding


the Sacramento River runs right by our campsite

owner George Hageman

the campground is exquisitely landscaped and immaculately maintained

this is the west side I-5 frontage road

I-5 down the Central Valley is not the most scenic route in...

this is about as exciting as it gets

canola? mustard? whatever?

at Williams we turned off onto Highway 20

not too exciting either

this is why AAA doesn't put dots beside it on the map

when you do get some green there's a transmission line going over...


at least it's got to get better

doesn't it?

sure it does - there's a beautiful field of California sunflowers now!

all kidding aside - it does get better

the road starts climbing out of the Central Valley


doesn't look too 'slippery' today

but this sign probably means what it says

good to see the valley oaks again

we're almost to Clear Lake

either the water's goofy or we are

Lucerne bills itself as "California's Switzerland" - NOT!

the bus is shuttling people to the town's Casino

continuing west on Highway 20



nearing Lake Mendocino

we picked up Highway 101 just north of Ukiah


southbound on 101


101 north of Hopland

Hopland, California

Highway 101 south of Hopland

years ago Madolyn almost got hit head on on this bridge by...


Highway 101 north of Cloverdale

we're in Sonoma County at last

and does it ever feel good!



Highway 101 through Healdsburg where some of our kids and grandkids live

home at last!

with our million dollar ride safe and sound in it's own driveway!

39 months and 65,000 miles has brought us full circle


Much as we love traveling we love our family and friends the most, and it’s good to be back in California on familiar ground again. By 11:00 AM we checked out of our beautiful campground on the Sacramento River and got on I-5 which runs right past JGW's gate. Our destination: our home in Sonoma County.

On the way we stopped at a truck wash in Corning where they took off our most recent collection of bugs. Several pounds lighter we got back on 5 and never stopped again until we got to the Sonoma County town of Windsor. The distance was 250 miles and the route took us over Highway 20 past Clear Lake and Lake Mendocino.

We arrived in Windsor by 5:30 and stopped to see Madolyn’s mom and take her to dinner. After dinner we went on to Santa Rosa to gas up, and then home to Sebastopol. We arrived home just at dark and were greeted by our neighbor Sam. Carl and Kathy had cleaned house for us and had our cars on the trickle chargers and ready to go. The house looked great and so did as much as we could see of the yard. We plugged in the RV and left the unloading for tomorrow.

By bedtime we had our TV working and our computers too. This is usually the hardest task after months of having them turned off. It’s great to be home and we can’t wait to see everyone, but it’s good to have our RV out there too this time. You can never tell when we’ll want to head out to Bodega Bay for a salmon barbecue and a little R and R!

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