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We were hoping he would at least stand up!


Bill and LoAnne Johnson and Roy and Ann McDaniels came to Yellowstone after attending the FMCA rally in Oregon. They are part of the “No Rules” club whom we attend Thanksgiving and Quartzsite with, Chuck and Shirley couldn’t make it, they had to go to TX to pick up Chuck’s mother.

On our day off, we took them to sightsee the upper loop. They had gone on their own to see the lower loop and Old Faithful. From Canyon we drove through Dunraven Pass and we stopped at Tower Falls. Jack was with the Johnsons and I was with the McDaniels. We drove out to Lamar Valley a little ways, saw some bison. We drove through Mammoth Hot springs, Sheepeater cliff, down to Norris then home. We managed to see a bear and this majestic elk which must be an offspring of No. 6. No. 6 had that very wide rack of antlers that was very distinguishable, and he always made such a spectacle during mating season.

We had a ham dinner at the Johnson's one night and pork chop dinner one night at the McDaniels, both of which were delicious! We brought them to the EDR (Employee Dining Room) for a breakfast and a lunch to show them how much we were spoiled by the cooks there.

We played a few rounds of Pegs N Jokers which was lots of fun and laughs.

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