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We slept great and awoke in time to turn the alarm clock OFF before it began to clang. We were supposed to baby sit with the grandkids today and normally would meet Jennifer at 6:45 AM to pick up the kids. I was up and dressed, and had just pushed the button to start the coffee brewing, when the phone rang.

It was Jennifer and she was put “On Call” meaning that we didn’t have to baby sit at all.

So we were up early and sat together sipping our coffee.

Later we drove to the local Walmart and did some shopping.

We ran into several friends from when we lived only 20 miles away from here. I visited with Susie, who along with her husband, Bob, backpacked the Grand Canyon with Marilyn & I.

Wonderful people who have been friends for years.

We also ran into another friend, Bev, who happened to be checking out at the same time as we were.

Back at the RV we worked inside and outside putting things in order.

Jennifer called us and reminded us that this was Grandparents Day, then invited us to their house for a cookout.

We showered and dressed in clean clothing before driving to the country, arriving at the kid’s house a bit after 3:00 PM.

We had fun visiting with the kids and playing with the grandkids.

Colby is riding a motorcycle at the age of two,

Of course his Dad has modified it to make sure it will only run at a very slow speed and he installed training wheels. Colby wears all of the normal protective equipment including a helmet, boots and a chest protector. It is quite a sight to see him on that bike.

He loves motorcycles, four wheelers, golf, baseball and many other things. Yet he will settle down on my lap for me to read to him. Gosh, I sure love that little guy.

Steve grilled the meat and we shared a nice meal before Marilyn & I returned to the campground.

We had a great day and we know for sure that….Life is Good!

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