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This entry is looooooong overdue. Since the last writing, there is light at the end of the tunnel!! The ever growing renovation of a rental property is drawing nigh. R&R contractors carried the weight of the BIG projects while Corky and I labored beyond belief. Pounds lost-a plus, perhaps a little healthier, and exhausted only finishing touches remain on the to do list. There are enough to do's to last a week or more but they are not back breaking items-thank goodness.

I have been assigned rental task manager. Let's see if I can put the money where my mouth is-ha! Revising the lease to be compatible with Virginia law has taken some research. Once the lucky candidate has been selected, my hat will change to the enforcer. Look out as I am a rule follower!!! Never again(knock on wood) will we go through this extensive a renovation because of improper care.

Today has been truly a day of rest-IHOP breakfast, reading/sleeping in our favorite and most comfortable RV recliners. We're anxious to catch up with Arizona friends for reminiscing about the past few months, sharing wit and wisdom! The opportunity to speak with one set of Idaho friends just couldn't be passed-they were good sports considering the early hour of the morning. I only miscalculated by one hour! Thanks for being good sports. Rumor has it "everyone" of us ole' geezers is ready to hit the road! I know we are! Looks like mid November the coach will be rolling south and west.

In the meantime, I've had time to visit my mom, Baby Jacob(soooo cute), Katie and Maddie, and look forward to a boat race or two. Happy Grandparents Day!

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