Portugal & Bulgaria 2010 travel blog

entrance to tomb of King Sevt

ceiling of buriel chamber

entrance to the buriel chamber

artifacts in tomb

gold buriel mask

Today was a long day on the bus (4 hours) to the Black Sea coast. Along the way we stopped in Kazanluk to visit two Thracian tombs from the 4th Century B.C. We got to tour one tomb which is actually closed to visitors, but yet again, Lyuba knows everyone so was able to get us special permission to go in. No photos are allowed in the first tomb due to the paintings on the walls. The tombs are all located in the Rose Valley named for all the roses that are grown here. Evidently, Bulgaria produces 85% of the worlds rose oil (who whudda thunkt?) The only time you see roses here though is in May, for about 20 days before the petals are picked.

The tombs were pretty small with a hive-shaped chamber containing the sarcophagus and artifacts, and connected by a long passageway. They are usually buried under a large mound or hill, so wherever you see a hill in the middle of a field here, chances are there was a tomb inside. There is an excellent musuem in Kazanluk with many of the artifacts from the tombs, including a solid gold burial mask.

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