2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

Don and Kate's living room

the view from their deck

it's so nice to have your own cove!

a beautiful cove and exciting

even on a calm day

they frequently see whales

and there's a whale watching group now

one of the most beautiful things about their home is Kate's garden

she downplays her skills as a gardener

but that's hard to do in view of the results






a sculpture on the walk near their house


more whale watchers come along - they're on the track of something


soon there is a small fleet

Madolyn finds a good place to watch


we finally saw a spout but it's just out of this picture...

Don, Kate and two ravens - the sculpture behind them and their...

trying to get a better angle on the house


that's a good one

this is also a good place to take pictures of the cove



and a flight of pelicans going by





Kate and Don took us on a walk to see more of...

in addition to the sea cliffs and the beautiful homes there are...



they even have their own still

the path came out on Little Whale Cove

Oregon's only private beach on the Pacific

but with no one there to stop us . .

we trespassed!




the birds were trespassing too but they didn't know it

even this sea lion might have been trespassing - property owners who...

the gulls make it pretty obvious what they think of 'rules'

just over the hill from Little Whale Cove is Big Whale Cove

the whales were out

it was a great walk with good company

which eventually led back to the sea cliffs

and this overlook

the Coast Guard does a lot of training here

the cormorants train here too


who wouldn't want to train here?




Kate with her garden


she shares it with the bees


this cat stands guard



on the way to dinner at Newport we stopped at Cape Foul...

the weather was good today and the harbor seals were basking in...

in the distance Yaquina Head Lighthouse was doing it's job




late afternoon sun

it's hard to imagine a more spectacular view

sometimes history is more than the sum of it's parts - sometimes...

at Newport harbor the sea lions were out in force

hauled out on the rocks of the jetty

sprawled across the docks

and nestled together in the comfort and safety of this big open...


some are sleeping peacefully

some are fidgeting around

and some are just making a nusiance of themselves

we've crossed that bridge a few times over the years


out on the jetty someone's looking for trouble

and trouble is not hard to find

if you know where to look!

but neither is love

time to say 'goodbye' to the seals and gulls

and the fishermen

and go to dinner - say - isn't that sushi crawling up...

Ocean views don't get better than this!

We spent Friday doing ‘sea stuff’ with Don and Kate, walking the paths of their lovely community to see sea lions, gulls, cormorants, pelicans and a gray whale. A high tide provided lots of surf action and Kate’s garden provided lots of color. Between walks we solved most of the world’s problems and came to the agreement that there would be no problems if everybody would just listen to us! It was a grand day and one that should (but probably won't) go down in history.

We also found time to pet their sweet three legged cat Tripod, and to drive to Newport for one of the best Japanese dinners in memory. What better way to wind down our trip than to spend it with friends like Kate and Don in Depoe Bay and John and Susan and Judy in Spokane. Our next stop will be Madolyn’s sister-in-law Arlene in Eagle Point. That’s on the agenda for Sunday.

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