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unique bike racks at the Long Beach Boardwalk

looking east from the boardwalk - this is where Lewis and Clark...

looking out over the dunes this is the first view you get...

there is a bench on the path and another bike rack

this column commemorates the party's first experience of the Pacific Ocean

a quotation from Clark's journal

another entry from the same day

a sculptor's vision of that historic moment


what would Captain Clark think of the coastline now?

we asked him but he wouldn't say

the beach is a popular place these days


Long Beach is having it's annual Hot Rod Run this weekend

the road south from Long Beach

the Columbia River

the bridge to Astoria is under construction

the Washington end of the bridge is low to the water

entering the construction area


that is Oregon ahead of us

on the Oregon end the bridge goes high over the shipping channel

view of the channel upriver

view looking west toward Seaside, Oregon

Columbia River at Astoria

Astoria hillside

coming off the bridge

welcome to Oregon

the bridge to Seaside


Highway 101 south

a famous and beautiful highway


Pacific overlook on 101

the rock formation above it is anchored with many bolts to keep...



continuing south








the Tillamook Cheese Factory - and they make great ice cream too!

we've taken the tour before so this time we just grabbed some...

back on 101 south



Lincoln City, Oregon


Depoe Bay waterfront

a nice little town on the Oregon coast

a gated community but they're not too particular about who they let...

On our way to Depoe Bay

Today we drove south from Long Beach, Washington to Depoe Bay, Oregon. The trip is only 140 miles but Highway 101 winds along the coast and is slow in places. We stopped several times along the way, which slowed us down even more.

Our first stop was at the Long Beach Boardwalk to take some pictures of their great bronze sculpture of Captain Clark gazing at a sturgeon lying on the beach. It commemorates the 1805 Corps of Discovery’s reaction to seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and some of their journal entries are posted on a column near the statue. We’ve seen this sculpture before, but it’s always fun to see it again.

Continuing south we crossed the bridge over the Columbia River, and what an awesome river it is where it finally flows to the sea. Wide and powerful at it's mouth, with a narrow channel for ocean going ships to move up and down to Portland. The Columbia River Bar is considered one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world, and a special ‘Bar Pilot’ is required for a big ship to cross it. Only a handful of men and women in the world are qualified as Columbia River Bar Pilots. Today the river was placid, but the bar is never placid. It’s a scary patch of water even viewed from a distance on a nice day.

We stopped in Astoria, Oregon and tried to score a piece of sturgeon, but the woman at the fish market said it had been a terrible year for sturgeon. Their supplier was only able to get three and two of them were sent out to be smoked. We settled for a chunk of ‘true’ cod.

We crossed a second bridge into Seaside, then headed south on iconic Highway 101. We stopped a couple times to take pictures, and then in Tillamook to buy cheese and ice cream. Our hosts for the evening promised us a crab dinner and we volunteered to bring Tillamook ice cream.

We arrived at Depoe Bay about 4:30 and Kate and Don met us at the gate to their community and showed us to a parking lot where we could leave the RV. Kate is a friend from grade school and junior high, and her husband Don is a native of Florida and a retired psychiatrist from the Washington D.C. area. They are wonderful people, and their home is something most of us have only dreamed about.

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