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World's Largest Troll

Our Tour Guide at Theo's Chocolate Co.

The Statues Dressed in Orange

Union Lake Marina

Sculptures at the Ballards Locks

Going Thru the Locks

OK--Who Is in Charge?

Seattle Has Beautiful Flowers Also

Downtown Seattle From One of the 7 Hills

The White Building Is Seattle's First Skyscraper

Susan At the Klondike National Park

Pioneer Square

The Fireman Memorial

Pike Place Market

The Fish Market Where the Salmon Fly!

See The Halibut Cheeks for Sale

The Original Starbucks

Tim At the Top of the Space Needle

The Space Needle

Fortunately a local tour company picked us up at the KOA for touring Seattle. You will find out why this is important later. We had a very good tour driver who knew all the streets and interesting places in Seattle. After picking up all our tourists from local hotels, we headed out to Lake Union area. There are 498 houseboats on this lake that include the houseboat used in Sleepless in Seattle that recently sold for $2.5 million! From there we toured the Fremont neighborhood that considers itself to be the Center of the Universe. They even put us a street sign that said "Center of the Universe" and gave the mileage to lesser points in the universe--like Los Angeles. We also saw the world's largest troll--as usual a story with everything. See the photo. We had a little sweet time by visiting the Theo Chocolate Company that had a free tasting room. They really can make great chocolates. The neighborhood also had free standing statues that individual can dress as they want--just get on the schedule for dress the statue. The marina and boats were really interesting because some of these boats fish for crab in Alaska in the winter--same as the Deadly Catch series on Discover Channel. We watched a private yacht go thru the Ballard Locks--nice $1 million dollar boat. From here it was up one of the 7 hills that Seattle is built on to get a great view of the Queen Anne homes and of Seattle. We then circled around downtown to see the football, baseball, and soccer stadiums. Finally we visited Pike Place Market. We did not get to see the famous "salmon tossing" because someone has to buy a salmon for the guys to toss one around. The market had all kinds of things--seafood, fruits and veggies, flowers and the Original Starbucks. Can't get much better than that! Our last stop was the Space Needle where we toured the top and had hoped to eat lunch. Since we did not have a reservation--we had a quick lunch--hot dogs, clam chowder, etc. Now--the tour company pickup at the Space Needle was a little messed up but we finally got on the bus around 3:15PM. OK for that--now head south to the KOA but I-5 is a complete parking lot--virtually no movement. So we took to the side streets that our driver knew very well. If I remember--we got to the KOA about 4:30. It was a full day but very enjoyable.

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