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It was after 11:00 last night, before we turned off the lights and fell asleep. We slept with the windows open, a nice breeze blowing through the open window and across the bed.

The temperature fell into the low 50’s during the night and the brisk breeze made it feel even colder.

We wore light jackets as we walked across the lawn to the Colonial Steak House for breakfast this morning.

It was a quarter to nine when we pulled onto I-70 and headed east, with 284 miles to drive before we called it a day.

Just before we pulled out, we did our normal walk-around and I peaked inside for some reason. That was when I noticed that the fridge had not switched to gas when we disconnected from the electric supply.

I placed a call to Paul Cross RV in LaGrange, Indiana and spoke to Paul. He suggested that we simply turn the fridge OFF, wait a few seconds and then turn it back ON. That worked just fine!

Wow, in the past 22 hours we have had the brake system on one wheel replaced, had to deal with a dead battery and had the above mentioned fridge issue. Oh yes! We have driven over 500 miles during that time also.

This RV lifestyle is sure fun and relaxing but once in a while we go through a period of time when things remind us of the “old life”.

So, as I write this, we are sitting at the Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka, KS.

It sprinkled rain on me as I set up but then we turned the A/C on and left to get the truck fueled up ($2.699) and pick up something for dinner.

We had an invitation to join some wonderful friends for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, but we are worn out and will simply chill tonight.

It is hot and humid here in Topeka, but is supposed to cool off tonight, with lower humidity tomorrow. I hope so!

We have another five and a half hour drive tomorrow to reach our destination of Hannibal.

We plan to get parked and set up and then drive out to the hospital to see our daughter. Can’t wait to give her a big hug.

After a short time in Hannibal, we will make a trip to Indiana to have some work done on the RV, before we return and then leave for a cruise.

When we return from Europe we have to make a quick trip to South Dakota and then will have only a short time before heading to New Orleans, Abbeville, and on to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter.

So many irons in the fire! I get tired just thinking about it.

Well, dear friends, that is enough for today. We are very tired so I’ll wrap this up. More tomorrow!

Until then please remember that we are all blessed and loved by God, and because of that, Life is Good!

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