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the tide is in

Same Rock but tide is out

Beach Bums having a tailgate party

Seal at pier looking for scraps

I'm over here girls-Big Daddy

these seals are serious about tanning

Cluster of starfish-family meeting

orange starfish-just one of the many colored starfish

The Oregon coastline is phenomenal. You can find beaches of all kinds-a few people, lots of people or packed that you're afraid of stepping on someone. The water temperature was just right to cool off in the surf. Don't find hardly any shells and only pieces of sand dollars. The temperature was perfect when we arrived-around 80. Then when the temperature drops here it drops fast. It is only a high of 65 now but we still went to the beach to check out the tide pools when the tide went out at Haystack Rock. that was so awesome and our pictures are only giving you a taste of the Marine Garden. Clams and oysters galore along with sea anemone and all of those colored starfish. There was Purple,Orange,Brown,Black and deep green-unbelievable. We really do look like beach bums and there was really some there. Fishermen that would catch what they could praying some one would be at the pier to buy the catch. Of course you always have the seals. There choice of suntan lotion would not of been mine.STINKY!!!! They were barking loudly, laying on the docks and showing the ladies their machismo. Ohhh and we also got some fresh Halibut straight off the boat and that was soooo good. Tuna are due in any day and we would like a sample of that. You can also get shrimp,scallops,crab,tilapia,salmon and some others. Its a seafood eaters dream. Our favorite place to eat was Pig n Pancake, they sure can serve up their home cooked goodness.

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