2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

our campground near Silver Creek (with a few pine needles on the...


one of the many rivers we crossed

West of I-5 the road was two lane highway all the way




another river



South Bend where we stopped for chowder

we stopped at this fish market to buy salmon



a brackish inlet







the town of Long Beach



our campground - in this picture the dunes are behind us



our first look at the Pacific Ocean



looking south - somewhere in that mist the Corps of Discovery first...

























driftwood sculpture





the day ended with some blue sky and sun

13,000 miles has brought us to the shores of ‘our’ ocean


This trip started at the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida Everglades. It has taken us all the way across Canada and fifty miles up the Alaskan Highway. Now we’re nearing our beloved Pacific coast and we couldn’t wait to see it!

Our destination today was Long Beach, a small coastal community north of the Columbia River. The hundred mile drive took us through misty woods and sleepy towns, brackish inlets and finally to a campground that backs up to the dunes. From our campsite we can hear the surf, and a short walk brought us out on sandy beach at last. The day and the ocean were both gray.

A few miles south of here Lewis and Clark ended their journey, and a few miles beyond that the Columbia River flows to the sea. Across the river Oregon begins, and after that California and home. It will be good to see it again.

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