2010 Garmisch Germany Trip travel blog

Today's view...


Photo of the Eagle's Nest on a clear day

The fireplace

Eagle's Nest

Tunnel Entrance to the Eagle's Nest

Entry door to the tunnel

Entry door to the tunnel

Berchtesgaden churches

Betsy McLean & Kathie in the tunnel

Kathie and Ingi (Tour Guide) in red hat

Inside the Eagle's Nest



Entry doors to the tunnel

Scratched in name: "Michael Greenstein, Brlyn (Brooklyn) NY, Aug 5, 1945, 20th...

Tunnel Entrance


Betsy McLean and Kathie at Lunch

Berchtesgaden business area



Old Berchtesgaden Cemetery










Berchtesgaden area




Livestock on first floor; home on second


Today we went to Hitler's mountain retreat called the Eagle's Nest. It is now a restaurant and viewing platform. However, today it was completely socked in with clouds.

Afterward, we went to the town of Berchtesgaden which was founded in 1100. In 1810, it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Bavaria. We wandered through the Old Berchtesgaden Cemetery (founded in 1685).

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