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Yesterday we had a late picnic lunch on a hill near the colosseum. After that we walked around in the area and saw a bunch of beautiful sights. I havnt felt comfortable bring my camera around with me yet so I personally do not have any pictures of the beautiful scenery but other people have tagged me in pictures on Facebook, check it out. Then we all went our separate ways and later met up at the girls house which is a pretty big apartment with a beautiful view of the city. Us girls still agree that our apartment is better with our beautiful view of San Giovanni Basilica, which I have been told recently is THE church of Roma.

After everyone was together, we all took the Metro to this little Irish pub. It was a cute little place that shut down at 1am so when we were kicked out of there we all walked to this little bar that at night turned its basement into a dance party. There were crazy lights and decent music. There werent a lot of people there. One of my LdM friends claimed we "closed the bar" when we left cause our group were the majority of people there. All in all it was a fun evening, but getting back at 4am and sleeping in till 11am is pretty harsh on my sleeping schedule! Heres someone who likes to go to bed at 10! But I suppose I am in Roma and should have fun with my classmates.

Today we head to the beach to relax on our sunday before starting classes tomorrow.

Ciao, loveas!

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