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Last night time slipped away from us while we were perusing the internet. My roomate and I stayed in to relax and chat with our friends on Facebook and try to get to bed early, but that didnt work so well, we didnt get to sleep until about midnight here. Then we had to get up around 8 to head to the school for more orientation. Really we only needed to sign up for our permit of stay and then we were allowed to leave. While most everyone went their separate ways, I stayed with my roomies Lucy and Ariana and we walked around by the school. Then we just decided to grab some lunch and head to the Spanish Steps to check it out. It is very close to LDM (our school)maybe like a 10 minute walk or so. Then we walked wound that area looking at all the very expensive shops and I got very tired so we started to head to the metro, but we walked through Piazza Del Popolo to get there.

Everything in Roma es muy bonita even just random streets have tall beautiful buildings. I cannot even describe it, you all must just come and see for yourselves!

So after we got back to the apartment I was so tired I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow and woke up to Sally getting home about an hour later. We are all just relaxing in the house before everyone meets up tonight to do something.

It is strange having such a tiny school (as Im used to having larger schools, all my life) but it is nice because all of us are able to be friends and get to know eachother.

Until later, Loveas!

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