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this is the way avery woke up from each nap and again...


on Sunday we visited with one of K's best friends and sorority...

At 2 1/2, Rebecca loves being a big sister now!
























We just had lots of plain old family fun this weekend with Avery, Chad, and Katherine. The only part that didn't make it perfect is that Will was not with us here. Katherine and Chad have sold their home and are temporarily living with Chad's mom - who is so wonderful to babysit Avery and now also to let them stay with her while they build their new home. Their new house will still be in Clinton, MS but in a newer neighborhood and a little farther out of town. They showed us their house plans and they look great! Fred and I enjoyed taking care of Avery all day Sat. and Sat. night while Katherine and Chad drove over to MS State to attend the first football game, which MS State won so they were very happy! So were we because we got to play with Avery; she is such a happy baby - eats well, sleeps well, wakes up happy etc. She likes to roll over both ways now, and is most happy when standing up on someone's lap - she doesn't seem to enjoy sitting much but sure loves to stand up. She is almost sitting up by herself - I bet that will be happening in another week of two. We took Avery swimming this evening for our last bit of family fun and then it was time to say goodbye. She is so much bigger (almost 15 pounds now) than when we last saw her over July 4 weekend. Babies change so fast when they are young - we will get to see her again in a month when Gramma, Grumps, and I go over to visit in October!

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