Portugal & Bulgaria 2010 travel blog

beach in Nazare from my hotel

town sqaure

funicular to upper town

view of beach from upper town

another view of beach

at the mirador


another mirador shot

the nut lady

granny's peddling rooms

fishing boat

Nazare sunset

me on the outlook

Yesterday I left the tranquility of the Douro Valley for the tourist hordes of the beach. I had been to Nazare 5 years ago, on my last trip to Portugal, but it was November last time, not August; the month when the entire country of Portugal goes on vacation and where do they go? The beach of course. This place was a madhouse, it took me an hour just to drive into town. People everywhere, up all night, partying. It reminded me of Waikikii Beach or Spring break in Cancun (ok, not quite that bad, but you get the picture). I just couldn't wait t get the hell outta here. To top things off, I got sick my 2nd day. At least I had scheduled a day off here, but instead of swimming at the beach, I spent it in bed sleeping. Must have been what I needed because today, I feel fine. I am happy to heading to Obidos and out of this place.

One thing that I remember from my first trip are the room peddling granny's you see all over town. They dress in skirts with several petticoats, long socks, slippers and a scarve. They walk around town looking for tourists who need a room. Often they sit on the corner in groups, holding "Room for Rent" signs. Some of them have quite the getups, like the "nut lady" in my photos. She sells various types of nuts and dried fruit from a cart and looks a bit nutty herself.

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