UK & Europe 2010: Live a little! travel blog

View from our window

The pool

Heading up to our bedroom

At the beach in Gundagon

Pretty flowers like these everywhere...


Sun setting in the marina in Bodrum town

Making the eye! (The ridding of evil in the making!)

Taken from dinner in Onerkent

Swimming in the Aegean sea!

Toes :)

The sunsets are UNREAL

Looking through our bedroom window...

View from my seat at lunch

Who's that?? :)

Beach time! (Wow, cheezy pose)

Now that's a healthy fridge!

TURKEY is absolutely UNREAL!!!! I only have 10 days until this whole adventure is over (fastest 7 months of my life), I will have to post some updates at a later time. What I can say is this.... We shop in the markets in Bodrum (A LOT), we tan (ALL THE TIME) by the unreal pool, we watch movies overlooking the sea, we munch on local "exotic" fruits (and pickles...), drink more water than I have ever drank, and basically just have a great time enjoying the 35 degree weather! We are excited to go to Halikarnas and do a boat trip around the beaches of Turkey. In about 5 days, we will be back with the irish boys for a wedding in Spain! CANT WAIT!

In the meantime, I have posted some photos for you! LOVE YOU!!!


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