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One of the nice things about staying in Selestat (along with being in a smaller centre close to the Ban de la Roche) is its easy access to Strasbourg. And since July of this year, the train drops you right at the airport! So I took a 8:14 train from Selestat, a 8:55 train from Strasbourg, and arrived at Entzheim (Strasbourg Airport) at 9:04am! If I had known that the connections would be that easy, I could have slept in a bit, but instead I had enough time for a nice French breakfast at the airport -- lemon yoghurt (the kind in a glass bottle -- you have to try it!), pain au raisin and a double espresso.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a nervous flyer. I know, how can that be when I like to travel (and I have the name of a bird)? But that’s the way it is. And for some reason, today I was even more nervous than usual. I had 2 flights -- 1 from Strasbourg to Paris Orly and the other to Bordeaux (Merignac). Both flights were Air France, with the first being on a small Fokker 100 plane. I got on surrounded by 8 unescorted French children -- 2 in front of me (11 years and 4 years), 2 beside me (each 8 years) and the others behind me a few rows.

The flight was quite rough, not only when we were going through the clouds, but along the way (a 1-hour flight) with turbulence. Normally I would have been gripping the seat, but this time I watched and listened to the children, whooping every time we got tossed from side to side. I tried to imagine being a child once again, thinking of the flight as more of an amusement park ride. Sort of worked anyway. :)

I was in the left side window seat, so I couldn’t see Paris. I only had 1 hour between flights, and had to go through security again in Paris Orly, but my 2nd flight ended up being delayed 25 minutes so I had lots of time, and the 2nd departure gate was directly on the other side of security. The 2nd flight was also fairly rough, such that the flight attendants were hanging on while they were serving juice and snacks, and we ended up diverting around the north and west of Bordeaux due to the weather conditions (no rain or anything, just rough). On this flight there was a family of a husband, wife and 4 boys (1 set of 1½-year-old twins, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old) and again I focused on the children, who were enjoying the bumps. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but I did hear the 3-year-old exclaim to his father, "Look, we’re in the clouds!"

It was a lovely drive to Saint-Columbe, about an hour east of Bordeaux, and I met Patricia at the church so that she could lead me to her house. And what a house! I will post a few external pictures in the coming days, but suffice to say it is a magnificent building. This is no chateau, it is a farmhouse, but it looks like a castle to me!

I was starving, so we had some cheese and bread and sat in the courtyard, catching up, watching the bats as the sun disappeared over the vineyards of the St. Emilion region.

I forgot to mention the bats that I saw in Verona as well, at the opera. Every once in a while 1 would whiz by.

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