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The decision to "sequester" ourselves for organization and planning purposes turned out to be brilliant. It took the first month for us to recover from the trauma of quitting jobs, selling our home and giving away most of our possessions (we mostly read and stared out the window of our rented cottage). The second month was spent getting all of our accounts, final payments and legal paperwork in order and setting up on-line accounts (unbelievably more complex than anticipated). In our final month, we were able to concentrate on and put in motion a plan for spending the next year travelling around the world.

The second decision, of choosing Prince Edward Island for our transitionary period, was also perfect. While still able to communicate easily, we were isolated enough to test our tolerance for separation from family and friends and "too much togetherness" for us. The beauty and quiet of the island, and our cottage location in particular, proved to be therapeutic in ways we hadn't considered when choosing PEI, and increased our confidence immensely for the journey ahead.

Part 1 of our Around the World journey will take place in South America. We have been fortunate in securing interesting volunteer opportunities in our first two locations, Ecuador & Peru. These "jobs" put us in places we wanted to experience and give us the chance to visit key destinations.

First, is Quito and Mindo, Ecuador, where we'll be helping with promotional development and tour assistance at a birding center. Check them out at the Birdwatchers House

Second is host duties at an eight-room B&B in Ollantaytambo, Peru in the Sacred Valley near Cusco and a stop on the way to Machu Picchu. Visit Apu Lodge

The journey officially begins On October 10th. Stay tuned!

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