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Steve at work.

Janette at work.

The backside of Toby Keith's eatery.

Draft horses and wagon.

The last horse carries a man with no shoes, the horse has...

You can't see the details but they are magnificiently done!

You don't see these unless you are around the back of Bricktown....

Murals on the riverwalk

Look from a different view!

Our days off have been Wednesday and Thursday for the past 3 months. We usually go to a movie on Wednesdays and stay home Thursday. This week however, we took liberty on both days to one- see a movie Eat, Love, Pray - it was great! What a great story line about finding who you are and enjoying the view along the way. It really spoke to us, we really enjoyed the storyline.

Thursday, we decided to go out to eat. But where to go? Of course, we hadn't tried Toby Keith's yet, but guests told us it wasn't too bad. It was okay. The building is built like a guitar on the outside. We, then, decided to take the water taxi. We don't usually do "frivolus things", this for us was frivolus but it was fun! We learned alot, got to see the Land Run monument, which you can't see much of from the highway. And if you do see them from the highway, there isn't a way to get off to go up close to them. I would have loved to go touch them, but can't get off there on the "riverwalk" which is actually a man built canal.

They have dreged it and found wallets, cell phones, glasses, a SUV! Yes, an SUV. A 12 yo decided he wanted to drive, he took off with Dad's car and out ran the cops until he crashed into the canal!

We had a great 2 days off!

We have just 12 workdays left here and 8 days off. We think our kitchen time is very short and we will be cleaning rather than cooking this next weekend. Our numbers have been very low! Very sad, even our reservations are down now. It is a great time to be on the downslide of this job.

We will be heading to Texas and then to Florida. We will be working in Milton FL for the winter months. Oct - April basically. We will work a hard 10 hours each a week for our site. So, we will be a bit "poor" as far as not having an income, but we will have retirement and a savings to pull from. But being close to family is the bestest!

We can't wait to see beaches and beautiful water and meet wonderful people!

Until next time...

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